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The Bradford Grid - Architraum  

The Bradford Grid Research Project is a collaborative group of photographers working in the city and its district.

The group began meeting in the Three Pigeons in Halifax to show each other their work for feedback, companionship and beer. Then it was suggested that the group expand and adopt the strategy of The Portland Grid Project in Oregon. That was a few years ago and since, the group has grown and collectively exhibited photography, video, text-image and projection work. Current group members are Nudrat Afza, Patrick Allen, Simon Ford, Charlie Meecham, Liza Dracup, Richard Ingham, Paul Blake, Simon Warner, Andy Wade and Kate Mellor. Robert Galeta writes and Paul Holmes works with sound.

The images here are work in progress from Kate's most recent photography for the Bradford Grid. She uses a pinhole camera to take the photographs and then works digitally to create images about architecture, vision, imagination and desire...Architraum

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